Alexander Technique lessons are a bit like music lessons, except the instrument you learn is yourself. A lessons classically uses touch, movement and verbal instructions as communication instruments. There is a unique form of meeting going on in this process, which is not easy to put into words. Being with yourself, individual, self-reliant and connected at the same time. Here lies the beauty and also the difficulty for each of us. The touch and instructions in Alexander work are characterized by this in-dependence.

In lessons you will likely experience new sensations. This can e.g. be sensations of coordinating yourself in an initially unfamiliar but easier, more balanced and natural manner. In the process of a lesson we try to put that sensations into a context that you can understand. In time you are given the ability how to generate this sensation for yourself and to work with it. Each lesson operates in a delicate interplay between receptivity, observation, interpretation, direction and experimentation.

For one on one lessons I work in the Alexander Technique Studio at Erdmannstr. 12, 10827 Berlin. It is a very nice, quiet and well tempered space, equipped with everything needed for work.